Project management

Our broad expertise, many years of experience and the technical possibilities for innovations at our company are the basis for many successful projects.

If needed, competent partners for solving and implementing new requirements are included in the process.

For example, the following projects have been successfully implemented:

  • Adhesive labels with which catalytic converters could be manufactured:
    These labels of an especially transparent PP foil and a removable special glue were affixed to the workpiece and lasered with a YAG laser drill. Then, the workpiece was filled with a special material, dried and the label removed. In this manufacturing process and the procurement of the labels, it was especially important that the label residue could be completely vacuumed during the lasering and that the label could be removed again with no residue.
  • Tea tags with cold seal:
    The IMA C23 tea tags are no longer attached with a metal staple because of an innovation, but rather with a cold seal glue to the tea bag thread. The special development was to find the corresponding materials and to modify the printing process so that the finished tea tags could be processed in the packaging process without a problem. In so doing, the tea label was to have an optimal bond to the thread with the help of a cold seal lacquer.
  • Adhesive label for identifying aluminium casting parts:
    The label was glued to a rough and poorly adhering surface of aluminium casting after the label was printed using a thermal transfer process.
    It was difficult to develop a corresponding adhesive in relation to the upper material which had sufficient adhesion for the difficult surface and, at the same time – in spite of the thick layer of glue – could be processed without a problem.

If you have special requirements, we would be glad to work out an individual and suitable solution for you!