Special materials

Do you need special material for a particular application?
We manufacture printed and blank adhesive labels following your technical specifications. Whether you need opaque foil labels, specially suitable labels for outdoors, sandwich labels, laser foils, laminates or 3M materials, we configure the correct label for your application with you and manufacturer it for you with pleasure.

A short overview of available special materials
(additional possible as well):

PE foil, PP foil, PVC foil, PET foil, PO foil
(comparable to standard products with special adhesives or special material properties)

Additional foils:
polycarbonate foil, polyamide foil, laser foil, acrylate foil, safety foil (including VOID, lightly destructible foils), thermal printable foil

aluminium foil, heavy metal foil, synthetic paper, 3M materials

easily removable, removable, permanent adhesive, strong adhesive, extremely strong adhesive

Talk to us! We can advise you competently and find the right material for your purpose, including additional printing by us or with suitability for subsequent printing.