Materials for almost any application!

As varied as the requirements and applications for labels are: There is a suitable material for almost everything.

Below you will find a selection of standard and special materials that we can offer you for your labels. The choice of materials available on the market is almost limitless.

Please contact us if you have any special or unusual requirements for a labelling material that is not currently listed on our website.

Basically, the materials differ in certain properties and characteristics, which makes them suitable for a certain purpose and certain applications.

The choice of suitable material depends, for example, on the following factors:

  • Desired adhesion to the object to be labelled (e.g. adhesives ranging from easily removable to extremely strong adhesion, washable/wash-off)
  • Surface characteristics of the object to be labelled (e.g. low-energy, dirty, rough surfaces or bonding where high restoring forces act, e.g. with round or over-corner bonding)
  • Resistance of the material to certain external influences (e.g. chemicals, solvents, seawater, high and low temperatures, UV light)
  • Other requirements placed on the material, e.g. with regard to sustainability, recyclability, use in the food sector (low-migration adhesives and inks), subsequent printability in digital printing and the function that the label is intended to fulfil.

Of course, we also offer materials without an adhesive coating.

Standard materials

We manufacture printed and blank adhesive labels for you based on a broad range of standard versions at our plant. You may select from among our standard materials, including paper labels, direct thermal materials, foils or concealed-paper aluminium foil or acetate silk. Fluorescent papers, opaque labels, materials for inkjet printers or special material for wine labels are also available in our standard assortment and can be produced inexpensively, even in small runs.

You may also have removable, permanent adhesive, strong adhesive or deep freeze adhesives to suit these materials depending on request.

A short overview of the standard materials

Take a look at our broad standard assortment and select the material you need directly or get in touch with us. We can advise you competently and help you find the right material for your application, even that which is suitable for subsequent printing.

Special materials

Do you need special material for a particular application?
We manufacture printed and blank adhesive labels following your technical specifications. Whether you need opaque foil labels, specially suitable labels for outdoors, sandwich labels, laser foils, laminates or 3M materials, we configure the correct label for your application with you and manufacturer it for you with pleasure.

A short overview of available special materials

(additional possible as well)

Talk to us! We can advise you competently and find the right material for your purpose, including additional printing by us or with suitability for subsequent printing.