The pharmaceutical industry places particular requirements on adhesive labels.

These can be, for example:

  • Optimal glue adhesion, in particular for narrow radii
  • No risk of confusion for versions
  • Very good printability
  • Safe workflows during the manufacturing
  • Strict criteria regarding quality inspection (100% control)
  • Applications also as safety tags or assurance of authenticity

We can offer this based on our certification according to ISO 9001, which we have had since 2000, as well as our many years of experience. Furthermore, we have 100% control available so that quality assurance is guaranteed for pharmaceutical packaging.

For other special requirements, we would be glad to offer you an appropriate solution.

Our product sampling:

Tussafuq - Pillendose Coronal Propolis
Bad Heilbrunner - Tee Kneipp - Tee