As a packaging manufacturer and labelling expert, we know what is important for our customers in the food industry.

We have been supplying many, many food companies for decades for good reason, and were successfully certified according to the international standard BRC Packaging (management system for food safety).

In the area of flexible packaging, we are among the leading printing companies for packaging of tea bags. We supply you with tea envelopes which can be crimped or sealed. We also produce the corresponding tea tags for almost all tea packing machines which can then be efficiently processed, whether for knotted, cold seal, heat seal or staple techniques.

Seal edge sachets or stick packs can be manufactured for powders, granulates and other pourable products (e.g., sugar, salt, spices etc.).

We also produce printed and blank adhesive labels for identifying food, such as sausage and meat products, cheese, baked goods, frozen products etc.

Special adhesive labels applications, such as functional resealable labels, or safety labels/tags of authenticity for food products, are also possible.

We use certified materials compliant for the area of application.

For special requirements, separate laboratory tests for the packaging material can be performed by us if needed.

Our product sampling:

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