As part of the ÖKOPROFIT project, which was put on by the city and district of Esslingen in 2013, Kölle Etiketten was able to save energy, emissions, waste and costs through various measures.

On the 25 February 2014, our company and 8 others in various industries, received the award certificate for completing the seventh round of ÖKOPROFIT.


Subsequent to ÖKOPROFIT, we created an environmental management system and anchored it firmly in the company so that environmental protection will continue to be pursued at Kölle Etiketten.

This environmental management system was successfully certified by TÜV according to ISO 14001 in April 2014 and regularly audited. It obliges us to consider environmentally relevant aspects within the company and in regards to our products even more strongly.


For example we have been using pure green energy since the beginning of 2018 and are able to reduce significantly our CO2 emissions. Electricity is generated to 100% from renewable energy and eligible plants in conformance with the Renewable Energy Act (EEG).

Further on we have expanded in October 2018 our management system in accordance to the specifications of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), so we are able to support use of paper from sustainable forestry. We are now able to deliver labels and packaging certified by FSC®.

A lot of further measures help us to breathe life into our environmental guidelines.

Our environmental guidelines are as follows:

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously.

By using environmentally friendly raw and auxiliary materials along with sparing production processes, we want to do our best to contribute to environmental protection.

We aim for energy efficiency in our production and in the transport of our products.

Avoiding waste is one of our top priorities. If this is not possible, we aim to utilise our waste through recycling. Even the simple disposal of our products by the end consumer is a part of our quality policy. We want to supply our customers with environmentally harmless products by orienting our processes and the materials we use to that goal.

We promote environmental action among our employees by including them in this and train them.

Compliance with all legal requirements is just as self-evident for us as constant improvement in terms of sustainable and ecological action, which is pursued and implemented within the framework of improvement processes.

We increasingly use FSC® certified materials within our products. The organization Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) pursues to the first premise sustainable forestry of worldwide forest resources. Besides prevention of illegal logging, their efforts include simultaneous reforestation within the certified forests.