Our quality policy determines our thinking and actions in regards to the end quality of our products and services.

This quality policy is embedded in our management system under ISO BRC Packaging and ISO 9001 and the environmentally relevant topics under
ISO 14001.

The management system is applied to all products, product categories and processes at Kölle Etiketten.

Excerpt from our quality policy:

    • As a matter of principle, our service and our products should correspond to the requirements of our customers at all times.
    • Every employee in our company is entrusted with the task of ensuring the quality of our products and excellent customer service and to always keep customer satisfaction in mind.
    • All employees and the CEO of Kölle Etiketten GmbH consistently strive to develop the processes within the framework of a systematic process of improvement, to increase customer satisfaction and to assure and improve the efficacy of the quality management system at all times. To this end, the executive board makes the needed human and material resources available at all times.
    • We strive for trustworthy, reliable and long-term partnerships with our suppliers.
    • Our goal is to constantly develop and improve our business processes and our quality management. In this way, we would like to ensure that our company recognizes changes in conditions and needs, both on the part of our customers and suppliers, and implements these with appropriate measures for the benefit of all.
  • Any complaints are immediately processed to the absolute satisfaction of our customers.